Thanks to the Petfinder Foundation, a Catio is in progress!

The Humane Society of Cherokee County is excited to announce that we recently received a grant from the Petfinder Foundation to build a catio at the shelter.
Cats are often looked on as second class pets so we at HSCC wanted the cats that are waiting for adoption at our shelter to know that they are just as important as our dogs.  A lot of cats like to be able to smell fresh air and lay in the sun, and a safe way to do so is to build them a catio.  That way they can have the feel of outdoors but not the risk that comes with it.
This catio will also be an example to our cat adopters what they can do at their own homes for their cats.
We are so excited to get this project done and would not have been able to do so without the kindness and support of our friends at the Petfinder Foundation.
Thank you Petfinder Foundation for supporting the Humane Society of Cherokee County in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.