COVID Update and Supplies Request

Effective immediately, the shelter will be closed to the public and all volunteers through at least April 4th. We will reassess at that time when public hours will be reinstated and post it here on our page. That being said, we still have animals that are waiting for adoption. So if you are interested in adopting, you can go to our adoptions page to fill out an application and we will contact you via phone. Since we can’t have volunteers helping at the shelter for now, here are a few ideas on how you can continue to support HSCC. Donations can be made via Paypal by going to our website, choose Humane Society of Cherokee County on orders, or turn on your Wooftrax app and pick HSCC as your shelter when you go for a walk. You can also drop off donations at Tractor Supply Store. Some of the basic things we always need at the shelter are paper towels, laundry detergent, bleach, Odorban, towels, antibacterial wipes, and gel.

Here is a list of items we are in need of:

Cleaning Supplies:
Baking Soda
Dawn Dish Soap
Liquid Hand Soap
Laundry Detergent
Antibacterial Gel
Simple Green
Paper Towels
Trash Bags ( 13, 18, or 30 Gallon sizes)
Twist Tie Bags (4 gallons) or clean Grocery Store Bags
Toilet Paper
White Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar
Air Freshener
Gloves for Cleaning

Over the counter medical needs:
Antibiotic Cream
Antifungal Cream
Saline Solution

Office Supplies:
Dry Erase Board Cleaner
Dry Erase Board Markers
File Folders
Paperclips – all sizes
Ink Pens
Printer Paper (Regular 8 x 11)
Printer Ink (HP Envy Photo7855) Cartridge 64 in Black
Tape – Duct and Scotch

Dry Puppy Chow
Canned Puppy Food
Dry Dog Food
Dog Treats
Dry Cat Food
Canned Wet Cat Food (any variety)
Meaty Baby Food (Beechnut or Gerber brand – Chicken)
Canned Goat’s Milk

Air Filters,16 X 20 X 1
Air Filters, 20 X 20 X 1
Cat Litter (Tractor Supply, Pelleted Equine bedding)
Flea/Tick Yard Crystals
Fly Strips
Zip/Cable Ties – any sizes

Gift Cards:
Tractor Supply
Tahlequah Lumber
General Dollar
Family Dollar

If you are in self-isolation mode, we hope you are getting to spend quality time with your pets. That is one positive about staying isolated. Thank you so much for your continued support during this time.

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