5 Reasons to Adopt, Helping a Rescue Fit In & Hilarious Flying Dogs

Hello from HSCC!

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Two articles I want to share today are from OneGreenPlanet. The first of the two lists five reasons to adopt a pet. (Although, we know there are 500 reasons to adopt.)

“you can choose from a wide selection of animals at your local shelter to find your ideal pet without supporting bad breeding practices or taking on a responsibility and expense you’re not ready to handle. People give up pets for a variety of reasons, including divorce, financial problems and the owner’s illness, none of which have anything to do with the pet’s temperament and health. Whether you’d prefer a mixed breed or purebred, a young pup or an elder dog, a shelter near you probably has the companion you’re looking for. Plus, when people ask you where you got such a nice pet, you can proudly say you rescued them!”


The second of the articles I want to share is all about how to help a rescue pet fit into a new home.

It’s also from OneGreenPlanet.

“You already know that your local animal shelter is the first place you should look when you make the decision to welcome a new dog into your life. Shelter dogs make wonderful companions and often find themselves in shelters through no fault of their own, such as when an owner passes away or a family decides they can no longer afford a dog. By choosing to adopt, you are literally saving a dog’s life and providing a home to a deserving animal.”


And last, but not least, I want to share these photos.

Julie Christie started this photo project and it’s worth a look. Enjoy!