Black Friday Bike Ride

I want to send a heartfelt thank you to Steve Ford and Paceline Cyclery of Tahlequah.

Some people love to shop and some love to avoid it, especially when it’s Black Friday. The shopping environment is wild that day. For a certian group of people a nice day out in nature is a perfect way to avoid the shopping chaos.


This tradition started as a run a few years ago and turned into a bike ride this year. Steve Ford, the shenanigator (as he is lovingly called), organized the bike ride this year and Paceline hosted it. Riders were encouraged to join the event and in lieu of an entry fee they were asked to bring a donation for the Humane Society of Cherokee County.

At first, Oklahoma and Mother Nature had everyone worried. The weather threatened to be miserable. Thankfully, the weather was great and the ride was on! There were around 30 cyclists that participated in this event and they rounded up an awesome pile of donations (including monetary donations).




Many thanks to Steve Ford and Paceline Cyclery.

Photos and videos courtesy of Steve Ford.