Sunday is for the Dogs

Sunday shelter day.

Today was a fun shelter day. I was happy to see Danny out there. He’s back from the prison training program. I HAD to walk him. He walked nicely! And even showed off his “sit”.


I walked Snow as well. She’s soooo sweet! And such a pretty girl!



We had some volunteers show up and Roxanna had donated the nice Christmas gear for the market, so I ended up getting the bright idea to borrow the dogs that volunteers were walking. I might have tried to dress them up…. maybe… Okay, I did.

hscc_shelter_12072014_ 052 hscc_shelter_12072014_ 047 hscc_shelter_12072014_ 034 hscc_shelter_12072014_ 027 hscc_shelter_12072014_ 007

hscc_shelter_12072014_ 056

Of course, I tried to get Daphne to wear them again, but she gave me stink-eye. The cutest stink-eye I’ve ever seen.