Special Cats with Special Needs

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Special need is sometimes used to describe animals that have certain health concerns beyond the normal. It could be a deaf or blind dog or cat, an animal that has 3 legs but in the case of five wonderful cats at the HSCC shelter it is FIV, thyroid issues, and diabetes.

We have had articles in our newsletters on some of our FIV cats in the past and we certainly want to mention that we have two of the sweetest cats at the shelter now that are FIV positive. Sylvester is such a sweetheart and never meets a stranger. Queenie is one of the most beautiful long hair calicos anyone will ever see but she is shy. They are healthy FIV cats and would be great in a home with other FIV cats or as a single cat.

Then there is Moe who was recently diagnosed with thyroid issues. He is now on daily thyroid meds and is getting healthy again.

But the main reason for this article is to promote two shelter cats that are diabetic. If you frequent Petsense you may have met Mr. Twinkles. He is a beautiful fawn colored long haired boy that has such a loving personality. He was rescued back in the summer from a local dumpster. He was extremely thin, dirty, covered with fleas and scared. But after a few days of TLC from the great HSCC volunteers, he started gaining weight, got rid of the fleas and let his personality shine. Recently however we noticed he was drinking excessively and knew right off that was a sign of
diabetes. A visit to one of our beloved vets confirmed our suspicions.

Then we have Sox, a large friendly tuxedo cat that is always looking for a lap to occupy. He too came to us in the summer. He was friendly from the get go but like most rescues was skinny and unkempt. After a month at the shelter he put on weight and his fur began to shine. But just like Mr. Twinkles we started noticing that he spent too much time at the water bowl. So off to the vet he went and came back with the same diagnosis as Mr. Twinkles, diabetes.

That was a hard blow for us at HSCC because we are an all-volunteer organization and for an animal to be on insulin two times a day can sometimes stretch our limits as volunteers. But we have a good group of contractors that make sure every morning these cats get their med, and the volunteers have all made it their concern to make sure they get their evening medication as well.

The best option for Sox and Mr. Twinkles, however, would be in a home where they get the love, attention, proper food and regulated insulin dosages daily. If you too have diabetes and are looking to adopt you might consider one or both of these wonderful felines. You would certainly understand their health concerns and know that just because they have these issues doesn’t mean they can’t have a quality life, and offer companionship and love to a nice family.

So if you have an open heart and want to open your home to a special needs cat then come meet our five friendly felines. Your heart will open even wider when you let them in.

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