Shelter Fun

Sunday was a relaxing, quiet day at the shelter.

This is who greeted me when I walked in the shelter door:

hscc_shelter_01112015_ 002hscc_shelter_01112015_ 007

Sweet, lazy kitties. Cat Mandu and Spooky were super friendly.

I logged myself into the Walk for a Dog app ( and I started walking our sweet pups.

hscc_shelter_01112015_ 020

Hollywood decided he was going to ham it up for my camera.

hscc_shelter_01112015_ 019

And he was happy to show off his sit!

King also had his photo face on:

hscc_shelter_01112015_ 038

After I stopped my walk on the Walk for a Dog app, I was informed that I had walked 3.3 miles with the app (so far)!


And before I left the shelter I said my goodbyes.

hscc_shelter_01112015_ 014

hscc_shelter_01112015_ 012