Cold and Productive Sunday

hscc_shelter_02222015_ 013

We are so thankful for our volunteers. Even though it was bitterly cold today, these brave souls still showed up to help out. Some members of the NSU Harry Potter Club and the Paranomal club came out to the shelter and raked some leaves, cleaned and reorganized one of our sheds, and walked some dogs.


hscc_shelter_02222015_ 008

hscc_shelter_02222015_ 060



Before I left the shelter I had some fun and captured some cat and pup photos. 🙂

hscc_shelter_02222015_ 029 hscc_shelter_02222015_ 063


To top my day off with one more load of cuteness, I stopped by PetSense and photographed our newest kittens… So darn cute!

hscc_shelter_02222015_ 095 hscc_shelter_02222015_ 219