Saturday’s Featured Rescue: Cocoa

Meet Cocoa:

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“Hi there! I’m living proof that a pit mix can be an excellent pet! I am a rapid learner who wants to please. I will be wonderful for a one-dog household or with my pen mate and best friend, Big Boy (see his listing also).
I’d like to be inside-outside and am looking forward to a home with a fenced exercise area. I also like to go walking on leash. My birthdate was around early Feb. 2009. The shelter folks say my pretty coloring makes them think of milk chocolate cocoa with marshmallows.”

Besides standard shots, we dogs are de-wormed and vaccinated for bordatella.

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Friday’s Featured Rescue: Baby

Meet Baby:

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How’s this for a happy smile? Baby likes being close to her person/people and will be very happy where she’s also inside most of the time. She wants to be the only dog, but is okay around cats. She was probably born in late 2009. Her permanent home must have adequate arrangements for her exercise and safety when outside.

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Thursday’s Featured Rescue: Cody

Meet Cody:

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Cody is a lover. He is very laid back and doesn’t demand immediate attention but spend some time in the cat room and next thing you know he will be at your feet asking for some loving. He is a very special guy. His owner died and asked that we care for him. We all loved his owner and want to do the best for Cody.

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Wednesday’s Featured Rescue: Princess

Meet Princess:


“Hello! Here I am in my royal regalia–beautiful brindle coat with white trim. Slim, trim and ready for action.
I was born in ’08 and weigh about 30 lbs. I like people, am very alert, and am eager for a nice loving family, where there’s a fenced area for exercise and safety. ”
Besides standard shots, we HSCC dogs are de-wormed and have flea/tick preventive and bordatella vaccination.

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