Shelter Facilitator Position

The HSCC is hiring a Shelter Facilitator soon and we are collecting resumes to begin our search for the best candidate.

A Shelter Facilitator will be responsible for quite a few duties and will need to have a great love for animals and their rescue. Please look over the PDF of the Shelter Facilitator job description and if you are interested in the job then please send your resumes to our shelter email,

Shelter Facilitator JOB DESCRIPTION

The HSCC will be accepting resumes through April 1st, 2015 (date may be extended).

Cold and Productive Sunday

hscc_shelter_02222015_ 013

We are so thankful for our volunteers. Even though it was bitterly cold today, these brave souls still showed up to help out. Some members of the NSU Harry Potter Club and the Paranomal club came out to the shelter and raked some leaves, cleaned and reorganized one of our sheds, and walked some dogs.

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Membership Drive

Have you been considering joining the HSCC? Now is the time!

We are pushing a new member drive right now. Starting today and ending April 30th, if you join the HSCC as a new member then you will be entered to win a $100 gift card to PetSense!

Find pdf app, online app, and more information about joining at:
Please share this with all your friends so that they can get their name in the drawing as well.

Needed food donations

 hscc_shelter_01172015_ 075


At the shelter we have some special kitties, some of which are diabetic or require a better food diet. Because of this, we use these foods daily and run out quick. The baby food brand Beechnut is all meat and doesn’t have cornstarch in it like the Gerber’s brand.  Same way for the Fancy Feast canned classic- it is all meat instead of having grains in it.

We are low on these items and are always in need of them. Please consider donating these foods:

Friskies Shreds Chicken & Salmon Dinner In Gravy
Friskies Shreds With Beef in Gravy
Fancy Feast Classic (any flavor)
Friskies Shreds With Ocean Whitefish & Tuna In Sauce
Beechnut Classics Turkey and Turkey Broth baby food
Beechnut Classics Chicken and Chicken Broth baby food
Beechnut Classics Beef and Beef Broth baby food
Please donate in our bucket at PetSense or take the donations to our Resale Shop. Thank you!!

Shelter Fun

Sunday was a relaxing, quiet day at the shelter.

This is who greeted me when I walked in the shelter door:

hscc_shelter_01112015_ 002hscc_shelter_01112015_ 007

Sweet, lazy kitties. Cat Mandu and Spooky were super friendly.

I logged myself into the Walk for a Dog app ( and I started walking our sweet pups.

hscc_shelter_01112015_ 020

Hollywood decided he was going to ham it up for my camera.

hscc_shelter_01112015_ 019

And he was happy to show off his sit!

King also had his photo face on:

hscc_shelter_01112015_ 038

After I stopped my walk on the Walk for a Dog app, I was informed that I had walked 3.3 miles with the app (so far)!


And before I left the shelter I said my goodbyes.

hscc_shelter_01112015_ 014

hscc_shelter_01112015_ 012