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Have you lost or found an animal?

Use this comment area to post information about the lost or found animals.

Please list your name, phone number, email address, and information about the animal found or lost.

Also, for best results, please list a photo.

The area to list the animal is under these instructions. It is located where it says, “Leave a reply”.

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1. If you do not already have an account on an image hosting service, create one.

2. Upload your image. Usually there is a button on the first page you see after logging in that says, “Upload”. Click this button.


3. Once you are on the upload page upload your image. On Photobucket you have the choice to drag an image and drop it into the upload area or just click “Upload” and locate the picture on your computer.


4. After your picture has completed uploading, select your photo. Once selected locate the “html code” and click it. On Photobucket it automatically copies the code to your clip board, if it does not then highlight all the html and copy it to your clip board manually.


5. Paste the code into the comment section. Once you post your comment it should show up as an image in your post.


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  1. Looking for Nala.a pure bred boxer.pink collar.has a J on her chest 316 -213-8401 she’s brown and white park Hill Tahlequah area

  2. Found young male tabby with white chest and stubby tail. Very sweet and loving. Wants attention. Hes been wondering around my apartment for almost 2 weeks now. Please help this gentle baby find a home. If I could take him I would but he cried at the door until I let him outside and he cries until he sees people some nights.

  3. Found a sweet tabby cat with half a tail. Tail is knobby at the end. Cat is very loving and can hear it constantly crying outside until it sees someone. I cant have it in my apartment bc my roommates both have pets. It’s cold and wet out pls help this baby find it’s way home

  4. My dog lulu is missing from the tahlequah area. Shes a black lab mix with an underbite. Very friendly and loves tennis balls. Please if anyone finds her my number is 832 564 5527.

  5. I am missing a large brindle color male dog with a red nose & white patch on his chest last seen on Proctor Chewey Rd South of Chewey,Ok.he was wearing a homemade collar with a large loop and it had Doran wrote on it with a magic marker but I may have faded missing since 10/12/2018 please call or text me 918-316-5840

  6. Black and white medium sized dog, answers to BO. tenkiller harbor and Indian hills area.Thanks in advance.

  7. Found Male I believe red nose Pitt. White With red/brown spots. Found on proctor chewy road . Call 9188967703

  8. my friends dog went missing about the first week of Oct on horse shoe bend Rd near keys. he is about a year old and very friendly light brown and gold and neutered. was wearing a shock coller which I hated. I love the dog and would give him a good home. if you have seen him please let me know

  9. young (4 months?) gray tabby cat wandered away on Tanglewood Drive. Her name is Jill – has the tabby stripes, has spots on her belly, white chin hair, a little orange splash too.

    call Cora 918-931-1232

  10. My gray and white cat Jeoffry wandered off from E Shawnee/Ok St on September 15. He’s friendly, and he has a distinctive meow. I’d appreciate any help in finding him. 956-410-9774

  11. Our puppies got out of the fence yesterday, if anyone has seen them please contact me ASAP. We appreciate any help. We live near Tahlequah High School. Their names are Stella and Mocha, both females. Mocha is a brown lab mix puppy, Stella is a german sheppard/lab mix puppy. Thank you!

  12. My dog is missing from the Cookson area. He is part Great Dane so he is a larger dog and is golden. He had a orange collar on. Very friendly.

  13. There is an all black cat in a red collar with a bell, but no tags hanging out outside the Fine Arts building at NSU. Very friendly, obviously used to people.


  14. I found a male orange dog in my backyard, he is like a year old I guess and chihuahua dog face but he is bigger….
    call 918-316-4334
    E Horseshoe Bend Rd
    Park hill

  15. I have lost my dog Fancy. She is a Female shih Tzu. She is white and black and some gray on her. She is 13 years old and does have seizures. She has short hair, I just had her clipped. Please call 918-822-2121. She was lost around Speed’s Store across from the Illinois bridge.

  16. I am missing my dog her name is Aphrodite she was lost on August 25th between Pebble Beach and the Midway point for sparrow hawk camp while we were banked on the Illinois River. She is about 5 lb black and white some brown with a black marking of a heart on her left side please help me find my baby

  17. Showed up at our home about Aug 23 is a beautiful female dog that looks to be at least part yellow lab but has mixed white n yellow fur. I figure shes around 8 mo. To year old and very friendly and sweet dog. Was covered in fleas and didnt look well fed. I have gave her flea n tick pill n shes clear of fleas n ticks. Had limp in her hind parts but that has gotten much better. She has had her nails clipped so may have been kept inside but she prefers outside. Seems very smart. If shes yours call and identify. She has no collar. If nobody claims her in next couple weeks we will have her spayed and keep her. You can call 918-457-7082.

  18. Last seen on Aug 19th south of Mud Valley Rd on 476 Rd, black lab mix with white on chest. He little over a year old, about 85 pounds. He does not have a collar; won’t keep it on.

  19. Anyone see a little black and white mini pig, please call Kim at 918 458 4343, I live on W Jones Rd, missing Wednesday night, Thursday morning…

    Thank you

  20. Just found this adorable lab mix puppy on Downing st, Tahlequah near Subway. He’s about 2-3 months old, light yellow, no tag or collar. Call 918-453-1455.

  21. I lost a black mixed chihuahua, unnuetered, light spot on top of his head! We miss and care for him! Please come home with. Dad and mom we love you dearly!

  22. July 30, 2018

    Two days ago a lost dog showed up in my yard on 476 Road SW of Tahlequah. He is a young medium sized dog about a year old with a black face, white chest and white hair on both front legs that make it look like he is wearing stockings. He is healthy, gentle around other dogs and is obviously just lost and probably some family’s pet. I’m trying to keep these trigger-happy neighbors around here from shooting him and if you do not take this young dog in he will be killed by these neighbors. I have already had to run into another yard and get in front of a neighbor aiming a gun at this poor dog to prevent him from shooting it. If you at the Cherokee County Humane Society of Tahlequah, Oklahoma are truly humane as your name claims you will save this dog from death.

  23. Lost dog named Piper. Last seen wearing a purple collar, but she knows how to take it off. She is around 4 years old, black with white patches on her chin and chest, a lab/american bull dog/pit mix. She is slender, around 35 pounds.

  24. This adorable Tabby cat was found on Sandbass Run Park Hill off Horseshoe Bend Rd near Keys
    Please help find owner or forever home

  25. Found large white male dog on Hwy. 80 near Ranger Creek bridge and Muskogee Boat Club. Possibly shepherd/pit mix. Call 918 869-6401.

  26. Missing Dog, answers to Charlie, she is a mix breed part lab or retriever, shaggy blondish fur, long hair. Last seen near Oaks rd and Hwy 10 on 6/20/18

  27. On Friday June 22nd, my mother’s emotional support dog got out of the house and has yet to return. Her collar somehow got off and she isn’t microchipped.

    She is a long legged Yorkie mix, black, grey, tan, and light brown fur that is long, and she has an all white front paw. Her name is Luna.

    If you see her, please call Shelby at 918-316-4879… Thank you

  28. On Sunday June 17 I was kayaking the Illinoise River through the rental company All American Floats. My group passed a family who may have been camping and we saw them playing with a dog in the water. About 20-30 minutes later my group saw that same dog paddling down river. We retrieved him from the water and notified the float agency and other Lost and Found organizations to try to find the owner.

    The dog is a terrier mix, about 7-10 lbs, not microchipped. He’s white with an orange face and an orange spot. I can provide a picture by email.

  29. I found 2 freezing wet kittens in a thorn bush this morning in my yard. I am severely allergic and they need homes !

  30. Our two year old Orange tabby with a white swirl on both sides named Target went missing a week ago in Snake Creek 6/18/2018. Not use to other people, if you see him please call 918 207 2261.Tony

  31. A neighbor near me has lost his black and white border collie. We live at the intersection of East Allen Rd. And hwy 62 . Can call 918 457 9824 with information

  32. Lost small white male dog with brown spots. Half Jack Russell and half Chihuahua. 1 year old. Please call Cheryl if found. Small reward. 918-616-5004

  33. Lost small white dog with brown spots. Half Jack Russell. Male. Approx. 1 year old. Very cute.

  34. May 13, 2018

    Found a big, beautiful, Lab Mix??? I am on W Jones Rd. phone leave a message on machine… 918 458 4343
    Kim Goddard, please identify collar…

  35. Female rat terrier lost around Grandview School area. She is very old and cant hear well. If found please call Tina at 918 822-5663.

  36. Female, older rat terrier lost by Grandview School area. Cant hear very well. Has been the family dog for years.

  37. Red and white male corgi with collar in Greystone Estates. Running loose. Please call Dianna Steinman at 9184579824

  38. Loose in Greystone Estates is a red and white male corgi with collar….hes in my backyard right now. Dianna Steinman 9184579824

  39. Are cat Texas went missing last year can please help us find her she is orange and white and kinda of yellow if you see her call us at (1-864)-487-5755 or at (1-864)-490-2104

  40. Found black, tan and white male Walker Coon Hound in Tee Hee Addition, Tahlequah. Addition is near Tahlequah City Hospital. Very nice dog. 918 453-9888

  41. Our big dog “Tuffy” is missing, from J.T. Sego farm by Moodys. He’s 80lbs, neutered, 4 yrs old, very friendly, sweet dog. He’s half pitt & half teddy bear. We think he was spooked by gun shots and ran off. He’s very well mannered and LOVES everyone, except cats. He’s crate trained and did I say very sweet? Black and white in color with one eye in the white markings and one eye in the black markings. Asmetrical markings on his big head. He’s accustomed to sleeping in the house and the garage. Please call 918-456-8397 with ANY information. JT & Christy Sego.

  42. My dog is missing after she dug out of my fence on March 24th. She is a toy/mini blue Merle Australian Shepherd. She’s super sweet but would be timid if approached by a stranger. Please be on the lookout for her! I really want her to be back home.

    Contact (405)595-7711

  43. Found small dog on east Allen Rd. Red/light brown, short hair. Approx 20-30 lbs. very sweet with no collar.

  44. FOUND: Black and white fixed male cat around College between 1st and Lou Ellen. Big boy! He is someone’s pet and seems displaced. I can’t let him indoors although it is what he would prefer. I am feeding him for now but I know he wants more—like to be taken home. 918-718-1543.

  45. Red and white fluffy (long haired) corgi missing two weeks near Woodall. Cisco is a male with big ears. Beautiful dog. He was re homed with me last May and has anxiety. Please if you see him contact me.

  46. Found a great pyranese male in Hulbert. Near 100lbs and around 2years old. Very sweet.
    Phone: 580-216-6138

  47. Lost: Husky mix, she is black and white with one blue eye and one half brown half blue eye. She has a turquoise collar. 53 lbs very sweet and friendly. Please call 918-519-7124 or 331-575-5722

  48. Found a tan with white belly pit hound mix female dog, 58lbs and probably at 8months to 1year old wandering on 4th street between stick ross and college st. Skin and bones. She s very sweet and friendly. Low energy. Needs a new home. Please help her.
    Phone: 405-219-4077

  49. Found a tan with white belly pit hound mix female dog, 58lbs and probably at 8months to 1year old wandering on 4th street between stick ross and college st. Skin and bones. She s very sweet and friendly. Low energy. Needs a new home. Please help her.

  50. My neighbors found a male young pup on Fox street in Tahlequah. Very sweet and loveable. Appears to be a year or so old. Probably weighs 30 pounds or more. Black and tan. Sorta marked like a German Shepard.

  51. Our brown with white pit bull went missing around Nov. 2 we had a house fire and he jumped out the window and no one has seen him since then he is very lovable sweet and well mannered but he is 8 years old call 6965855856

  52. 1 year old pomeranian mixed approx. Brownish reditinin from twin bridge rd gaffney sc 29341. Call us at 864 812 7226

  53. Lost: Horseshoe Bend Road area–a mostley white pit bull, 15 yrs old, intact, very friendly. Went missing last Monday night Nov 27.
    Call 918-207-5958

    Found at the NSU Fit Center parking lot. Female, all black looks to be a German Shepherd. Found Sunday Night around midnight. Very sweet. Please contact me at 618-795-1493. My email is martingi@nsuok.edu. Cannot keep much long. I wish to place her with her family or a foster family until united with her family or have her rehomed.

  55. Found, very sweet brown and white pit bull. Is trained and well mannered. Seems to be 2-3 years of age in Tahlequah. Phone 918-913-1551

  56. Missing black and white female shih-tzu about 10 years old. She did not have her collar on but is micro-chipped. She is blind in one eye. She is scared of loud noises. Her name is Serenity. call Jennifer 918-931-1483 with any information.

  57. found a large female? tuxedo cat in the Boston St area in Muskogee. Please call 918-687-1948 to identify. Had a distinct mark.

  58. We have found a young mix breed female dog. She looks like she may be mixed with Pitt. Im guessing shes maybe 6 months old. Very loveable. We’ve been feeding and watering her now for 2 weeks and she sleeps in our yard. Very concern due to the cold nights. We cant take her in.
    She needs a good home that will love and care for her.

  59. I wondered if Lisa Coleman found her gray tabby. I have one hanging around for handouts near my home. He doesn’t seem to have a broken hip, though. But it is a gray tabby.

  60. Found a white calicoe looking male in the vicinity of College ave between 1st and LouEllen. He is white with black markings on his face and body; and several patches of color on his body. This is definitely a house cat and wants to go home. He is showing up nightly for a handout and looks tired and unhappy. If this is your cat please come get him. It is so sad to see a displaced pet that misses his family.

  61. I’m looking for a dog that I’m hoping someone has found off of 61st street in Muskogee. She is a black with a little grey/white terrier looking mixed breed. Her owner was in a wreck off 61st and her dog bailed out of the car when fire and rescue showed up. She responds to kisses. Any information would be very helpful and her owner will be proud. You can contact me, Levi Adair, Cassidy messer, or Jamie Tuttle on face book. Jamie Tuttle is the owner and can send you pics. Thank you

  62. **Phone Number Correction**
    9 yrs old
    Male – “Asher”
    Family dog
    Last seen on Seminole Ave in Tahlequah
    **(405) 888-7818**

  63. LOST DOG
    9 yrs old
    Male – “Asher”
    Family dog
    Last seen on Seminole Ave in Tahlequah
    (405) 889-7818

  64. A small kitten jumped out from under my truck when I stopped in our driveway. We are unable to have a kitten.

    We have been told that she is a tortoise shell breed. She has a tattoo in her ear #31. She is very cute and approximately 8 weeks old.

    Please help us find a home as we are moving.

  65. Please call me asap about a red pit with white chest and face needs her meds 918 457 8572.

  66. I lost my 9 yr old female red pit. Has white around her mouth and on her nose and a white chest. She weighs 65 to 70 lbs and needs immediate care as she is on arthritis meds. Teehee addition off fowler rd.
    Phone #918 457 8572.

  67. I have lost my cat in Tahlequah, OK. He is white / light yellow with a small hole in his ear. He has a limp leg. Adult male, neutered. He is like my child. Please call me if any info is found. 9185686609

  68. July 7, 2017 – Found small black, brown, white around the neck, white paws. Looks like terrier mix. Male very friendly. If he’s yours let me know. Found on Washington County OK Line near Evansville.

  69. Lost a black female lab/mixed, abut 35lb, white spot on her chest , her name is Negra, and she is extremely shy. We lost her at ten killer lake on July the 2nd around 3pm.

    If you’ve seen her, please call at 479 -445- 5694

  70. Found: 4-6 month old, Male, Lab/Shepherd mix. Very friendly and great temperament. Playful, not aggressive at all. Can’t stay here, so needs an owner to claim him or a home to care for him. 918-723-3406

  71. Lost Male red and White siberian husky named Commodore. Lost on 6/18/17. At lake tenkiller. Please if anyone has seen him please call me at 405 2105380

  72. Two dogs , a male pit bull(white with brown spots ) and a female lab(black), have been wandering around Snake Creek Wilderness up on the mountain. They seem very friendly, but we all have animals and don’t want them to be around them. Please call if they belong to you.

  73. We had a neighbor move and left 4 young cats.. think they have some Siamese in them.. beautiful! We didn’t even know for a couple of weeks when they made it to my house!.. very sweet❣️ Yes I’ve started feeding them only to discover I’m allergic to them!
    With my three dogs and these new abandoned babies.. it’s a zoo!
    Please I need help desperately

  74. Hi all I found this skinny girl today and wanted to see first if it was anyone’s. If not I cannot keep it and need someone to take her. She is super skinny which makes me nervous to leave her outside for long. No collar or tags 🙁 please help! She looks like a hound mix maybe a hunting dog of sorts! She black and white spotted with long floppy ears. 720-384-4657

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  76. My brother and his girlfriend have a blonde shih tzu, he responds to the name “ivan”,he doesn’t have a collar on, and he is super friendly and will go to everyone. if you find him please call 918-557-3586. we are very worried because if someone would’ve taken him, he gets super pouty when he’s not with his parents and he will not eat or drink. please let me know if you see him!

  77. I just got new pug and he ran offslipped out of his collar. Ran behind KFC
    About one year old. Really missing him.
    If seen call 9184577753

  78. I still have the three dogs that were dropped off .they are keeping me awake at night barking .I work and don’t like hearing dogs bark.

  79. Lost around Lowell, small to medium size light brown/ tan colored male dog. Has been neutered. Has white on his chest. Very friendly, likes to ride in cars. Got lost in the storm.

  80. My friend’s blonde short haired dog went missing in the storm Sunday March 26 near the NSU Area of Tahlequah. She was wearing a pink collar with a vet tag. Her family really misses her and she provides therapy to a young member of the family with aspergers. If you see her or have her please email me. Thanks

  81. someone dropped off 3 dogs one is black with a little white the other two looks like part pit they are brown and white . I need these gone I have a small rescue dog that is real timid i’m scared they will hurt her.
    my phone number is 918-869-7321 address is 12828 w 850 rd Tahlequah . zeb entrance to camp gruber. thank you.

  82. MISSING SINCE FEB 25. Approximately 4lbs blue merle teacup Pomeranian named penny. She is my service animal and need her back bad. 918-506-1070

  83. Lost or stolen 9 year old white pit with brown left ear looks younger. Missing since Feb 25th, 2017 from Woodall are. If you have seen him please let me know. His name is Jake, he is shy but good with kids.

  84. Grey pit [I think female-didnt get close enough] and small [short] black and white dog with long hair off 4 mile road in fort gibson. Appear to have been out for a long time, very thin–contact me if you think they are yours. areldridge at exede.net

  85. Missing our 14 yr old Irish Wolfhound, Golden retriever mix from behind midway on 838 rd. Has a blue collar and tags with his name on them. His name is Max.

  86. Charles said that a small dog with a red collar came in? This sounds like my dog. What does it look like in more description? Thank you

  87. Found a gray with white on her, a pit bull with a thick blue collar, no name. Looks like she recently had puppies. A sweet dog that seems to be a house dog. We have two other dogs and one female that does not get along well with other females. 918-456-8711
    She came to our house on Park hill road

  88. Someone dumped a white bulldog and I am not able to keep her, I already have 3 dogs and she does not do well with my other dogs. We have had for about a week and I do not know how to take care of a dog like this.

  89. y’all have a dog that is a rot mix named Bucky we have been looking for our rot black mouth cur mixed named Rusty since Dec 2015 last seen in keys area behind Armstrong bank We think Bucky might be our Rusty

  90. Small dog showed up here. Looks like a small collie, white around neck. Has red collar. Been here three days.

  91. My dog, Achilles, has been missing since Monday evening, January 17th in the Choctaw and State St. area. His is a reddish brown medium height thin dog with white tips on his feet. He is very friendly but new to the area so likely scared. He is intimidated by bigger male dogs and may let off a little growl in reaction to them, however is not aggressive. He has on a faded orange collar, is neutered and utd on shots. Please call 9185757624 if you see him. He is my baby and I am worried sick about him.

  92. I am trying to locate where on Muskogee ave village park is and I can’t find it on any map. I’ve noticed a yellow tabby around LouEllen and College Court, but the “owner” won’t say where she got it. She seems to “find” pets from all over the place. Is this anywhere close to where you live? The cat is let out all the time. You are welcome to take a walk and see if you recognize it. She lets it out in the yard.

  93. Our daughters dog is missing from the Park Hill area. He is a 1 year old brown and white pit. We miss him terrribly. Picture is attached. Thank you.

  94. Good morning-
    We’ve left several messages and sent an email, about a dog named Toby that is up for adoption, however no one has contacted us.

    Can you please relay this to the appropriate contact representative, so we can get any information about that adorable dog?

    Thank you-

  95. https://www.flickr.com/gp/dinna_forget/7ZPbtq

    Found cat. Declawed, white with black markings on head and black tail. Sweet disposition. Found in the area of Vinita and Seneca just before Thanksgiving. We are unable to keep it inside because our senior cat does not respond well to others. Call Donna at 918.207.5498 or Joshua at 918.457.7289.

  96. RE: Female Aussie found, please contact me at areldridge at exede dot net if she may be yours. thanks!
    “Found: older female Australian shepherd mix. Has one eye. Near four mile rd fort gibson. Quite emaciated, am caring for her and getting her health back, she is safe and sound and well cared for. Looking for her owner. A very sweet girl.”

  97. Found: older female Australian shepherd mix. Has one eye. Near four mile rd fort gibson. Quite emaciated, am caring for her and getting her health back, she is safe and sound and well cared for. Looking for her owner. A very sweet girl.

  98. 2 black puppies, possible lab mix, found wandering in the Southridge subdivision. Looks malnourished with no tags. Call 918-207-0942.

  99. White and gray female cat. She has declawed front paws. Her name is Emma Rose. Please call Jillian 918-207-5791.

  100. Lost femal German shepherd running with female rat terrier. Please call if seen last seen near stilwell

  101. Lost Pit by Vinita Nursing home about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Dug out brown brindle? White chest and white shoes on paws. He is 6-8 months old not fixed. Ears and tail not cut blueish brown eyes please contact me. He’s my baby have had since 5 weeks old… Please contact me if you know anything!

  102. Found: Golden Retriever mix near Cookson Log Cabin Motel. Dog is very sweet, but malnourished. I cannot keep. Call me on my cell 405 370 5660

  103. Found near Cookson medium tan and white mix male dog. Has a collar with a mute symbol on it. Very, very sweet. It is obvious that this boy belonged to someone once.

  104. I’m missing my dog, Themistocles. It’s been three weeks now. He was last seen on Shawnee Street. He’s four month old. Half Great Perinese, half Labrador. He’s black with white socks. White mask as well.

  105. Missing on Aug. 9, 2016 from E. 752 Rd. Near school in Briggs area: 18 month old male neutered Italian Greyhound, red, small, long legs. Answers to Spyder. And yellow lab mix pup, 5-6 months old, answers to Henry. We’re gone when I came home from work. If seen, please call: 918-207-9098. Spyder is adopted and Henry is a humane society foster.

  106. At Cookson airport. Found a tan & white dog looks like a Golden Retriever / Gray Hound mix. Has blue collar, but no information tag. Nice friendly dog. Call 918 457 9420

  107. Lost, a chocolate brown mini weenie puppy 11mos old in the Brentwood/May Ave area by Greenwood. Answers to the name Daisy.

  108. Our dog went missing august 17, he is a great dane.
    He’s black with a little white on his chest, he has a scrape on his tail and a small knot like bump on the tip top of his head, which he’s always had. He’s full grown and he’s super friendly.
    We love and miss him!
    Please please message or call 918-718-2194 if you see or hear of him!

  109. MISSING: August 9th… Tailholt/ Welling area. “SADIE” Heeler/ Crogi Mix. Our sons dog went missing sometime August 9th. if you see her please please contact us via text, email, facebook…. ANYTIME! She is super sweet and will come up to anyone. She is printed up like a heeler but has the short legs and body of a Corgi. Very LOVED AND MISSED!

  110. Found, medium mainly black pup. Found around Tahlequah high school. Not sure what type of dog.

  111. Missing from corner of E. Powell and Nalley Rd. on June 25th. Black, spayed female dog, a little white on chest. She appears to be part pit. Medium size, shirt hair. Her name is Emma. She dances in happy circles when she knows she’s about to be fed. Somewhat apprehensive of people she doesn’t know and big men.

  112. Found 2 male dogs near Baker Road in Gaffney, SC. Neither dog has a collar on. One has a long brown coat approx 20lbs with black spots on its tounge. The other one appears to be a husky shepherd mix with one brown and one blue eye. Please contact with any info- apiocquidio@gmail.com

  113. We had our dog stolen from the back yrd .the dog was in a fenced pin with a locked gate He disappeared over night of July 8th 2016 from Cookson Ok.If anyone has seen this dog call 918 575 0264 BillSwafford there is a $100.00 dollar reward His color has information on it he is a pointer with brown and white spots weighs about 60 lbs

  114. LOST DOG – Last Seen 7/2/16 – Black and White Aussie / Blue Heeler mix. Cropped/short tail. NOT nuetered. Cash reward. Chipped. Link to his picture & info here: http://lst.pet/KALtejC

  115. Iv lost my black lk collie dog an she’s an old dog from coffee hollow rd the nite of July 3rd. Joy at 918-316-8842

  116. Australian Shepard like dog found in welling area by River on 540 Rd
    Please text me: 918-457-7501.

  117. Small black and white cocker type dog found. Near Coffee Hollow Rd in Tahlequah.
    Please call 918- 397- 3213 to identify.

  118. I lost my 5 yr old white cat w/brown tipped tail – 2 small black spots above her eyes – she is a short fat cat answers to “Hazel” I love her so much and I let her out on JUNE 13, 2016, I’m thinking she waundered off and got lost around Hwy 62 & Stick Ross Mtn Rd across from the Liberty Speedway Go Cart Track – If you see Hazel please call me anytime day or night I miss her so much (918) 822-0097

  119. Found a puppy on the river. It is black and about 3 months. Has a blue collar. I cannot keep it. Found it 6/28/2016 you can contact me at 918-827-5199

  120. MISSING. Lazer is a Siamese mix female cat. She is spayed. She is mostly a cream color, with grey markings. She got out around 10 last night at the Twin Oaks apartments. Address is 1300 N. Jones Ave.
    my number is 9189167890

  121. LOST Black and white Australian Shepherd. Went missing around noon from around the apartments down the road from Bank First on Ross St. He slipped off his collar, he’s missing some fur on his lower back and tail. He answers to Buddy. He’s missed very much. You can contact me at 417-529-7207

  122. Found this guy at Cone’s Quickstop, he was hanging around all day Satuday, June 18. I took him home and have been looking for the owners but I can’t keep him much longer, he doesn’t get along with my cats and I don’t have any spare time to give him. He gets along well with my female dog and does well with kids, he is very lovable. I’m hoping to find his owner or a foster for him. Thanks!
    Call/Text (918)637-1498

  123. Lost Solid Black cat 9 yrs old declawed and fixed. He was last seen on fox street two weeks ago. He is microchipped and is sorely missed. He answers to PT. Has a collar on it is gray with stripes and has a red rabies vaccination tag attached. Please help me find my Kitty. My name is Amy and my contact number is 918-822-4307.

  124. I cant seem to upload the photo from photobucket. Found. Female, Tan, black on face Dog. About a year old or less. 3 miles south of river bridge in Welling near river. I’m not sure the breed, but the body is like a grey hound. It had orange collar with about 5-6 feet of dog run cable attached.

  125. Lucy is a one year old, brown/white/black miniature Australian shepherd. She went missing today (Saturday May 28) from Coffee Hollow Road area. She has a tag and collar.

  126. Lost. One white and brown female cat. Her family misses her very much and I am sure she is scared. Any info to her where abouts leading to her safe home will be rewarded. She may still be in the Grandview area north of Tahlequah. Please let’s get her home. Thank you.

  127. Yesterday I posted a notice of our dear lost declawed cat KENO, but
    about 10:30 p.m. a scratch or two came, at the garage kitty door
    which was locked and when the door was opened in darted Keno.
    We are thankful for your services and we are thankful that Keno
    did not get hurt during his “adventure” which he refuses to tell us
    about. However he is home safe and we are all thrilled… Again,
    THANK YOU for all your services… We do support your thrift
    store which is very close to our house… Kay Mazur

  128. FOUND dog at Tahlequah Walmart. Dog is a small black/gray poodle & is male. He was in a shopping cart by the front door, & someone had said he was roaming the parking lot and a worker placed him in the cart to keep him safe. Please call or text Hannah at 918-869-6683 or Marcy at 918-869-1830

  129. Missing from Tahlequah near Allen Rd and Jones Ave. Male cat, neutered, medium hair, white with orange ears and tail, blue eyes. He’s been missing for about a month. Call or text Nicole 918-636-8275

  130. We have lost a black cat with a white spot on his belly and his brother, a grey stripped tabby. Both are adults, the have been neutered and declawed. Grey kitty has a broken hip on his right back leg that the vet said nothing could be done because his joint was shattered. We love our boys very much and I am hoping you have found them. Can you please tell me where you are located and a phone number? Thank you!


  132. HUNTING DOG FOUND on Bolin Hollow RD in COOKSON Wildlife Management Area near BUNCH OK. Dog is a female Mountain Cur mix. Call at 918-316-9129

  133. FOUND IN BRIGGS. Male neutered dog. Maybe part basset hound or beagle. Please call 918-822-4969

  134. Missing from Grandview-Male Blue Pit Puppy named Blue & his buddy a Male Brinnell Pit/German Shephard mix Pup. Last seen on March 22nd in the neighborhood across from Mario’s Tire Shop. Please contact Toney at 918-457-9687 if you seen these dogs.

  135. Missing from Welling – 1 year old Male Weimaraner, Ruger. Last seen on 3/20/26 around 6pm near Welling post office. Docked tail with a camo collar on. Microchipped. Please contact Ashley at 918-822-1498

  136. Missing near Snake creek, Woodhaven, Buckhorn #laketenkiller #tenkillerlostandfound
    Black Lab, male, Buddy, leather collar with rabies tag. 405-831-3176

  137. Found a male, neutered black mix of sharpae and maybe lab in the keys area, down big hollow road. I think he is someones pet not just dumped please call bill or dottie 918 822 7166

  138. Lost near NSU in Tahlequah on 1/30/16. Black kitty, male, neutered, de-clawed, has white spot on his belly. We have had him since he was just a few weeks old and his brother kitty is missing him. Please call if you see him. Lisa – 918-441-5157 or Billy 918-441-5580

  139. Missing Great Dane “Elvis” from home in Flint Ridge, Kansas, OK on January 14, 2016. He is 2 years old, microchipped, solid gray European Male. We were keeping him for our son who was relocating to Ft. Sill in Lawton, OK. Please call me at home # 918-597-8746 or cell # 405-401-8669 or Moseley School 918-505-1000.

  140. lost a black tan dash hound ( winny dog) next to exprees rental on musk ave by cheerkee nation a week ago help us bring her home

  141. Found on my doorstep; female white terrier with brown on face. Sweet dog with a collar but no tag. Looks well fed and is obviously an inside dog because she jumped right on the couch! Sasha Ln off of Jones/Grandview. 918-822-5924. Must tell me the color of the collar.

  142. A female dog has had a litter of puppies in one of the outbuildings on our site in Park Hill. There are 8 puppies in all, look like border collie / Aussie shepherd mix and are nearing the age to be weaned. Does anyone in the Park Hill community have a female dog who has born pups who would come pick them up?
    If not, what is the process to get them placed in your shelter for adoption?

  143. We lost a three pound male intact yorkie on East 626 Rd in Teresita/RockyFord. He was seen being picked up in a black truck and possibly headed towards tahlequah. Wearing a black shirt and collar ( tag number outdated ) please help us get our baby back ! 918-868-1971 or 609-643-1883

  144. Posting for Grandson. Found small black, cold and hungry puppy near Scholars Inn in Tahlequah, OK 74464 Around 10:30 PM on 01-11-16. Proof of ownership required. If you think you know who this puppy belongs to, Please call Christian @ +1 (918) seven-2-one-two-0-three-six. Thank you.

  145. Found white and calico kitten north of Tahlequah, near the turn-off to Moodys. Appeared on Christmas eve, but I think she’d been lost for a while before that.

  146. !ちょうどあなたが配布しているデータのためにありがとうと言うしたいです。ただ、ポストのこの種を投稿続けます。私はあなたの忠実な読者になります。ありがとうございまし与えます。非常にニースのウェブサイトを
    モイスケア 掛け布団 モイスケアケット ダブル あったか 防ダニ ダニ防止 アルファイン マジックビーンズ 日本製 モイスケア布団 軽い 掛けぶとん 掛けふとん かけふとん 布団 丸洗いOK 洗える【送料無料】 エムール:エムール -EMOOR 布団?家具- http://avidec.info/ronmedon/704.html

  147. Found male blonde short haired dog (still in puppy stage) has not been fixed and waring blue collar-not ID. Has tan face snout

  148. There is a horse in the pasture behind my house that is very thin. I can see his ribs.
    I think the property he is on is accessed on Park Hill Road half way up the hill on the left (east) side south of the Powell Road turn off.
    The sheriff’s office sent me to the City clerk who sent me to the District Attorney who referred me to you. Hopefully, Barb

  149. Lost a red nose female pit and a female small dog. With puppies she is white with light brown spots also a brown male medium size . Kilo is the pit . Baby is white and brown female . Buster is the brown retrever male. Lost in Grandview a mile from the school.

  150. Lost my chihauhau/minipin mix, her name is Fiona, she wasn’t wearing a collar. She is black w brown trim, lost her by the softball fields near Cherokee Nation headstart.

  151. LOST DOG from Peggs. Last seen 11/11/15 behind Peggs Community Center. 1/yo Female yellow lab mix, short legs, stalky, about 40lbs. Spayed, no collar. Answers to Shugee. Offering a REWARD! Please call Nicole @ 918-557-0701 if you have information on her disappearance.

  152. Chocolate labs, a light brown boy “Bob” and a darker brown girl “Kinky” . Bob was hit by a car and walks funny. Still puppies. Knee high.

  153. Found: Female, white with faded brown spots on ears. Possibly a pit mix. Very playful, fetches well. Near Norwood/Hulbert area. Found Oct. 1st. 918-457-7595

  154. FOUND; Female dog probably less than a year old. She has a blonde body with a black face. She is a large puppy. Extremely friendly & playful. Found by Mary’s Liquor. Please contact me at 9186237006 if she is yours or if you have any tips.

  155. Bozo has been missing since Saturday morning, from Woodall/Zeb area in between S. 444 Rd & Crescent Valley Baptist Church, he is an Altered male tan w/white & big ears please if you know where he might be or have seen him please contact Doc Elliott @ 918-456-8281 or me here on Facebook, we’re hoping someone has picked him up, don’t want to think the worst! Please help us to find him!

  156. 4yr old, yellow, male, lab.lost this morn. Bright green collar. Greenwood school area. Super friendly 1st time out, im very worried.
    Terry Mcdonald
    409 e ross st
    tahlequah, ok 74464
    Any Info

  157. I am missing 2 of my grown cats. We live by Grace Church by the Skating Rink. One cat is male (neutered). He is mainly white with a few large dark gray spots. He has been missing for over a week now. Our other cat is female (spayed). She is a light colored tortoiseshell. She was last seen home Monday, September 7th in the evening. My kids and I miss them very much. Please call me (918) 507 – 0221
    /Users/scrapper/Desktop/Clover and Lily.JPG

  158. I had a small male mostly black dog chiuwawa and terrier mix maybe show up at my door. Under 10 lbs. He is very friendly and has to be someone’s dog. I live in the grand view school area in tahlequah. Please call me at 918-772-0463

  159. Our Anatolian Shepherd went missing Thursday night or early Friday morning. We live out past Grandview close to Burchett Rd and Spears. She should respond to “Roxanne”. She is mostly white/beige with a little salt and pepper. Has some black on her face and tail. She weighs about 90 lbs. Please call 918-316-7890.

  160. My in-laws were in a car accident in Cherokee County near Tahlequah. Their ~10lbs black and white Pom, Bubbles, was in the car with them. After the accident they could not find any trace of her in the car or on the road. We are desperate to find her! Please call me at 918-316-75825 if you have any information! This is my in-laws therapy animal and we would do anything to get her back.

  161. My dog is a chihuahua her name is pippa she has brown hair she also has some facial graying beachside she is really old she is really sweet she likes to be warm all the time if you grab her wrong then she will yelp I had a puppy pass away less than a month ago and pippa has never ran away before she has been missing since 7/24/15 we miss her and would like her home soon please call me at 405-693-3755

  162. Lost on the night of July 3rd. 1/2 Corgi 1/2 Dachshund, black with brown markings, north of Tahlequah near Teresita and Rocky Ford. Her name is Abbi. I’ve been driving around searching, but have had no luck. If you have any information please call me at 918-207-8438.

  163. Missing on 07/05 CHIHUAHUA, male, brown, white markings, with facial graying. Indian Rd. by Keys H.S. please call 918-207-5340 to return Rocky-Doodle.

  164. lost dog, name sebastian. black and white shih tzu with cut hair, having a blue flea and tick collar around his neck. last seen at home in back yard on 812 road july 4 around 8:30 pm when i checked on him when the fire works started. same thing happened on new years eve about 6 months ago
    looked for him on the 5 of july in the morning to feed him. sebastian was gone, checked the neighbor hood and drove out the roads for him. if found call 918 458 9504 or 918 458 1311.

  165. My deaf Boston terrier has gone missing South of the NSU soccer fields behind El Zarape. He can’t take the heat well. Please call me at 918-822-1023

  166. Puppy found at my front gate Tuesday morning, 6/9/15, in the Briggs School area. Vet said he may be deer head Chihuahua mix. Got it parvo and distemper vaccinations because of having had parvo/distemper on my property. Please call to identify and claim.

  167. We are looking for our lost family member. She is a buckskin color female pitbull. When she was last seen was on Grace Huddlen Rd in Hulbert. She was also wearing a pink collar with dots on it. 9184576625 is my contact number. Thank you

  168. Please help us find our Gracie girl. She is an 11 year old English Bulldog. She has been missing since 6/4/2015 from the Big Hollow Road are on Lake Tenkiller. She has a seizure disorder that requires medication and not taking her medication is fatal to her. She is red and white in color. Please help us find our baby, she is part of our family. Please contact if you hear or see any information.

    918-822-0551 or 918-822-0552

    A reward will be offered for the return of our beloved Gracie. Thank you everyone for the support.

  169. Whippet showed up at my house near cherokee heritage center in park hill. If it is yours please call 503-805-7909 and identify.

  170. Female dog has wandered to our place. She looks to be part catahoula, has brindle coloring. We cannot keep her, I really want to find her a place to go but if not we will have to take her to the pound. She seems friendly but my kids are the only ones who can get near her.
    Please call 9183164196 if you have any options for this dog

  171. Lost Black Chihuahua. “Evelyn” extra small female wearing a lime green collar. Between EZ Mart in Tahlequah and Hulbert. .Reward

  172. Half pit half boxer mix female dog very friendly she also has oral melanoma brindle colors he name is daisy and she does not have collar on shes more than a dog shes family please if found ir heard nething 4792021181

  173. Found: Nice, older, trained chocolate lab type mix found in Sparrow Hawk Village Saturday 5-9-15. No collar. Please e-mail or call 918-458-5659.

  174. Found female (possibly Jack Russell) in Tahlequah on Saturday, April 25. She is mostly white with some black spots. If yours, call 918.252.7017

  175. Would like to find great home for these two strays ASAP. Short-haired, tan is female who was dumped after having a litter. No puppies to be found. She is sweet, gentle, wonderful dog, probably 1 to 1 1/2 yrs old. I call her “Momma.” Longer-haired, black is a male, intact. Probably same age as “Momma.” I call him “PuPu Puppy” just because! He is a sweetie also. If you have a kind, loving person who can afford to keep a dog or dogs, please call or text me at 918-457-0622. We can discuss arrangements for shots and spay/neuter. Thank you!

  176. Saturday. 11. Am. Someone obviously dumped a blue healer mix off the bypass past Cochran realty. Well guess what. He is sitting exactly where u left him. In the rain staring down the road waiting for you to come back just like a loyal dog would do. Biggest loser!!

  177. DOG FOUND: tahlequah, ok (by Southridge apartments)
    Color – white (long hair)
    Breed- possible huskie/German Shepard mix
    Appears to be a full grown female. She has a light pink collar that looks like it was chewed or cut off from the leash. Very friendly and welcoming. She looks healthy, but a bit dirty of course. Beautiful dog. Please contact me if you know this dog or someone who can care for it until the owner show up. 630-441-3197

  178. Christmas is missing since Monday, March 23, 2015 from the Upper Union Hill area between Cumming Highway and East Cherokee. She is 14 years old, should have a collar with our contact information. Please email roxanavera@comcast.net if you have any information. Thank you.

  179. BEAR is missing from his home on W. 720 Road which is off W. Jones Road north of town. He is a big black long haired fella with beautiful blue eyes. He looks scary but he is very sweet and friendly. If you see him please call 918-316-1287.

  180. I found a dog by my mobile home in Woodall looks to have been hit by a car can’t get up is injured had a injury in head and back hind right leg.
    contact# 4028121504

  181. LOST Light grey husky off of James Street near 4th Street. She is missing one of her back legs. Her name is Kora and she is extremely friendly and will go up to anyone. If you have any information please call 4792280952.

  182. FOUND near NSU campus: Black Lab mix, some white on muzzle might be an older dog. Wearing a gray green collar with no tags. Please call 785 223 1173 if you think this might be your dog. (dog appears to be female).

  183. I found a shivering white probably Pekingese/Pekinese or similar dog on my front porch today shivering and with rasping breath (possible pneumonia). I have taken it to a vet and had it bathed, treated with an antibiotic and treated for fleas. It should be fine. There was no tag or collar on the dog. If this is your dog and you would like to claim it please contact me; I took it to Pet Clinic for treatment today morning (2/28/15):
    Dr. Jitendra Tewari, 14328 Ranch Acres Drive, Tahlequah , OK 74464
    Tel 918-708-1757

  184. Derrick is a 3-4 year old scottish terrier mix (according to the shelter I got him from). He’s a small dog, all black with white on his chest. A friend of mine was watching him for me while I was out of state and he either got out of her yard or was taken out of her yard while she was at work (Jones Rd. area/neighborhood). She is unsure if he had his collar on at the time or not. He’s an inside dog and it’s my understanding that the weather was quite bad while I was gone so he may have very well walked up on someone’s porch if he ran away and couldn’t find his way back to her house. He’s missed very much by me and my daughter. If you could give me any info regarding this dog, please, PLEASE contact me. My name is Jessica and my number is 918-782-8451. If I don’t answer, please leave a message. Thank you.

  185. Photo

    Found north of Moody’s. Friendly, young, medium size female dog with a chain (choke) collar. Appears to be party corgy and shepard? She seems to have been a house dog. She is very sensitive and prefers human companionship over dogs. If this is your dog or if you are interested in providing a home for this dog contact me. 918-868-3603

  186. LOST – 50# female pit bull named MOMMA on State Street last Saturday. MOMMA is white with brown spots and should be wearing a yellow collar and tags. Please call 918-316-9644 if you see her.

  187. LEO is a friendly black and white male pit bull and he has been missing for a couple days around the NSU Campus. Please call 918-816-1392 if you have seen him.​

  188.  photo 1661049_10152481827378683_6929875483966847988_n_zpsdc3504d7.jpg
    Please help find our Buddy, he was taken out of my yard on Chickasaw street Thursday sometime between 8 am and 9 pm. He was on a teether in our yard. I still have his collar that was attached to the teether. Buddy is an older male boxer and beloved pet. Please return him home! May contact me here or at 9183789090. REWARD OFFERED