Lost/Found Tips


The following tips (most are free) can help you find your pet or the owner of a lost pet.

  1. Talk to your friends, neighbors, mail carriers, etc. Most of the time word-of-mouth works best.
  2. Call the Tahlequah City Animal Control at 918-456-1241 to see if someone has reported the animal missing or found.
  3. Send a picture of the animal and pertinent information to humanecherokeecounty@gmail.com and we will show it as LOST or FOUND on our Facebook page which is https://www.facebook.com/HumaneSocietyOfCherokeeCounty.
  4. Call, or email, area vets to see if someone has called them about the pet or if they know the pet:

– Dr. Elliott, 2255 W. Choctaw, Tahlequah; Phone 918-456-8281
– Dr. Horn, 25352 HW 82, Park Hill; Phone 918-453-2655; Fax 918-453-0859; http://www.lakeside-vet.com/  or https://www.facebook.com/lakesidevet
– Dr. Rozell, 501 S. Muskogee Ave, Tahlequah; Phone 918-431-0151; http://www.thepetcliniconmainstreet.com/ or
– Dr. Sheets, 16031 Mud Valley Road, Tahlequah; Phone 918-456-5280
– Dr. Ullom, 214 S. Bliss, Tahlequah; Phone 918-456-8555; http://www.timbersveterinaryclinic.com/or https://www.facebook.com/pages/Timbers-Veterinary-Clinic/141200519374809?sk=timeline&ref=page_internal

  1. Create a flyer at http://www.petbond.com/flyerentry.php?oid=bf and post it in the area where you found, or lost the pet, or on any public bulletin board – Wal Mart, Reasor’s, Petsense, convenience stores and in all of the veterinarian’s offices.
  2. Post a picture, or information about the animal, anywhere you can online.  Facebook pages are great.
  3. Call the Tradewinds Show on KEOK-KTLQ radio 1350 at 918-431-1350, MondayFriday 8:00-9:00 AM and talk about the animal on the air – or post on their facebook atwww.facebook.com/tradewinds1350.
  4. Place an ad (not free) in the Tahlequah Daily Press; the Wednesday and Sunday papers provide the most coverage. You can contact the Tahlequah Daily Press at 106 W. 2nd. Street – or – 918-456.8833 – or – email classified@tahlequahdailypress.com. 
  5. Place a (free) ad in The Weekly Leader newspaper. Call them at 918-458-8001 – or – email them at weeklyleader@att.net.
  6. Place an ad on our Lost & Found page. This is especially helpful to get the word out to people who don’t use Facebook.



All of the above tips will also work to help you find a good home for a pet.  The contacts are all the same, just tell them you have a pet that is Free to a Good Home, instead of a lost or found pet.  Below are a couple other things you can do as well.

  1. Post a picture and information on: https://www.facebook.com/FreePetsToAGoodHome.
  2. If the animal appears to be a certain breed, search online for breed specific rescue groups and notify the ones in Oklahoma and surrounding states.   Breed specific rescues are usually very helpful in placing their breeds.
  3. Note: the newspapers ads are still a great idea and a FTGH ad is FREE in both papers.
  4. You can also add your pets picture and information on rescueme.org, adoptapet.com,petfinder.com, and craigslist.org; however, these are national sites and you must be very careful in checking out the people you speak with. 
  5. Advertise the pet on your facebook page and encourage your friends to share your post. Also try the local pet pages of facebook.



If the animal is not “fixed” we urge you to have that done first for the animal’s safety and if possible, we will help you.  Please check the SPAY/NEUTER button on our web page for options.

Before you let a pet go to a stranger, (1) write down their name, address and phone number and ask to see their driver’s license (2) ask where the pet will be kept and if they can provide vet care (3) ask the name of their veterinarian (4) ask if you can come by later to visit the pet (4) it is always best to drive by their home before releasing the pet.  If they are out of town, check them out on the internet at vpike.com.

If you feel uncomfortable with the person at any point, there is probably a good reason! Some people want animals for bad reasons. Oklahoma is a haven for puppy mills, dog dealers and brokers who sell to medical labs and dog auctions. We suspect that many animals are acquired or stolen for these purposes.

If you list a pet online, we suggest you (1) create a secondary email address through YAHOO or HOTMAIL and mention in your ad that you WILL NOT SHIP this pet and that only locations within traveling distance need apply.

This Best Friends link provides valuable information on posting pets online and taking pictures – http://www.bestfriends.org/archives/forums/online.html.

Everyone with the Humane Society sincerely wishes that we had room for every abandoned pet at the shelter. Our ultimate goal is to be able to take all surrenders but we cannot do this now and we must rely on the public to help resolve this community problem. It is important that you understand that the Humane Society is simply a small group of people – like you – who volunteer their time and money to help abandoned and abused animals. We work very hard but the need is much greater than we are able to meet.  The HSCC is funded by donations, membership dues and fundraisers – we are NOT supported by tax dollars or any national shelter organizations.  We are always looking for good volunteers.