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Ad on the blog for a month: If you want your business to get more attention, you can sponsor the blog monthly. The monthly donation fee is $50 and should be set up to occur monthly. This donation will allow your business ad to be placed on the right hand side of our website and also at the bottom of this page. You’re business will also be mentioned in our Blog Newsletter under the “sponsored” section. For more information about this contact us under the Webmaster form. An example of the ad that will be created for you is under the sponsored button at the bottom of this page. Your ad will be seen on each page of the HSCC website. Your ad will remain there as long as you keep donating monthly.

HSCC retains the right to approve the business that is being represented in the blog. This is a family site, please keep that in mind.

The sponsorship can also just be from an individual. An ad would be created just thanking a specific person or “in memoriam” of a certain person.

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