A Dollar for the Cause

-by Gemini Creason (HSCC Volunteer)

As an avid animal lover and HSCC volunteer, I strive to support the animals in any way that I can. As Christmas is the time of giving, I especially try hard to give to those charities that are near and dear to my heart. Last Christmas, I had a simple thought: what if everyone donated just one dollar this holiday season to the furry creatures at HSCC? What kind of impact would it have? I expanded my idea to come up with the following plan: I asked people to donate $1 per family member (furry creatures included) in their household. Since I had six cats and myself, I donated $7. Since my grandparents had a dog, a cat, and themselves, they donated $4. 2013 was the first year that I did this. I was able to raise about $25 and following the fundraising, I went and bought supplies for the animals. This past Christmas, I was able to raise twice that, and therefore I was able to buy twice the supplies! It was a success in my eyes, which is why I encourage others to do this as well. This idea is a simple one to implement and on a wide scale, it could have quite the impact. Of course, with any charity, make sure who you are giving the money to is actually going to give it to the intended recipients. Keep in mind the furry critters this next Christmas and remember, even just a dollar can create a purr-fect holiday for these homeless pets!

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Special need is sometimes used to describe animals that have certain health concerns beyond the normal. It could be a deaf or blind dog or cat, an animal that has 3 legs but in the case of five wonderful cats at the HSCC shelter it is FIV, thyroid issues, and diabetes.

We have had articles in our newsletters on some of our FIV cats in the past and we certainly want to mention that we have two of the sweetest cats at the shelter now that are FIV positive. Sylvester is such a sweetheart and never meets a stranger. Queenie is one of the most beautiful long hair calicos anyone will ever see but she is shy. They are healthy FIV cats and would be great in a home with other FIV cats or as a single cat.

Then there is Moe who was recently diagnosed with thyroid issues. He is now on daily thyroid meds and is getting healthy again.

But the main reason for this article is to promote two shelter cats that are diabetic. If you frequent Petsense you may have met Mr. Twinkles. He is a beautiful fawn colored long haired boy that has such a loving personality. He was rescued back in the summer from a local dumpster. He was extremely thin, dirty, covered with fleas and scared. But after a few days of TLC from the great HSCC volunteers, he started gaining weight, got rid of the fleas and let his personality shine. Recently however we noticed he was drinking excessively and knew right off that was a sign of
diabetes. A visit to one of our beloved vets confirmed our suspicions.

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