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Save aluminum cans.

We recycle them to purchase dog/cat food each month. Just bag your cans and toss them in the dog pens. The dog pens are located in the parking lot at Wal-Mart and across from the NSU baseball field (Crafton St.).

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The Resale Shop.

The Resale Shop is located at 17736 South Muskogee across from the Cherokee Nation Complex. Beth Rogers is the volunteer that oversees the shop. The shop is open Tues.-Sat.12:30-4:30. You can volunteer at the shop or shop there to help HSCC raise money. Anytime you would like to help out just go and they will put you to work. Beth doesn’t work everyday but you could call and talk to her if you are interested in something like that. Just call the Resale Shop during business hours 918-458-1147.

Another way to help out at the Resale Shop is to donate items to be sold. All donation (except clothing) are gratefully accepted.


Participate in our monthly restaurant fundraisers!
Eat at KATFISH KITCHEN [1095 E. 4th, 918-453-2620]
The first Saturday of every month from 4:30 PM-9 PM.
The animals of the HSCC get 15% of all purchases!

Eat at RUBY’S [102 S. Muskogee, 918-453-0486]
The third Monday of every month from 10 AM – 3 PM
The animals of HSCC get 10% of all purchases!

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