Apply to be a Volunteer at the shelter!

Apply to be a rescue foster home!

Apply to foster a rescue!

Thank you for considering the Humane Society as your volunteer organization. We are an ALL VOLUNTEER organization and couldn’t do what we do without help from the community.

There are many ways one can help…

  • Fostering animals. We often get calls about an animal in need but are unable to house it anywhere. We (shelter workers) all seemed to have acquired a crazy number of animals (from 3-26) at a time. Having people in the community we can reach out to is key in getting them off the street. Usually it’s not for too long (until they get adopted or find the rightful owner) but so vital! Apply to be on the fostering list.
  • Walkin’ the dogs! Please check our Facebook page for dog walking days and times. Or apply to volunteer to receive the latest information. Usually we cancel if the weather is going to be bad. We try to walk each dog for 15-20 minutes, depending on their level of energy. If they need more time, keep them out! This may be the only time they get out all week. It’s really important that you keep the dogs apart while walking them. Don’t let them get near the other cages or around other people walking dogs.
  • Cats! These volunteers oversee care of the shelter cats and the cats at Petsense. They clean the cat room at the shelter, including litter boxes, sweeping the floor, putting out fresh food and water. They consult with one another regarding the medical and emotional needs of the cats and distribute medications and transport cats to the veterinarian as needed. They also spend time with the cats to socialize them so they will be more comfortable with people and give them a better chance of being adopted. This job requires some training, basic cleaning skills and a valid driver’s license and current liability insurance (if transporting cats).
  • Maintenance Worker. These volunteers perform basic or skilled maintenance around the shelter including, but not limited to, hanging things on the wall, cabinet placement and repair, cage repair, plumbing, welding, carpentry, electrical, washer/dryer repair, heating/air maintenance and repair and picking up and hauling trash.
  • Spay and Neuter Clerk is another critical position within this program. This volunteer devotes a great deal of time contacting the clients and determining their eligibility and setting them up for the clinics. This job requires good people skills and a lot of telephone time. You would also need a phone service that would not charge for long distance calls. Some computer skills are needed as well.
  • Transport Driver. These volunteers assist in transporting dogs out of state to other shelters for adoption. The job requires a volunteer to be at least 25 years old, have a valid driver’s license and insurance coverage. This is a night trip so night driving is required and the trips are usually about 10 hours long so drivers switch off for relief. The trips are made in a 15 passenger van with about 30+ dogs in crates. Drivers provide money for their own meals.
  • Events! Get on our email list so you’ll be advised of upcoming HSCC events. We have many events to raise money to care for our animals – some are – dog washes, the Fur Ball, adoptathons, parades, art auctions. When you hear of these upcoming events email us at humanecherokeecounty@gmail.com and volunteer to help! We always need help!

The first time you come to the shelter you will need to sign a volunteer waiver before you work with the animals. Wear tennis shoes and bring water and a phone or watch to keep track of time.

If you need paperwork signed to verify your volunteer hours please be sure to sign in at the shelter and/or Resale Shop. The sign-in sheets are easy to find in the office at the shelter, and behind the register at the shop. You must be 16 years of age to volunteer on shelter grounds.

We appreciate so much that you are interested in helping!!! Let us know if any of these opportunities appeal to you and we’ll get you signed up and look forward to meeting you!